The release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting closer , so we see new leaks every day.


So the latest leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a video. This new Video , as well as 2 more images, has shown up earlier showing the device from the front and the back. The funny thing about this short 5 second clip is that the device has a „confidential“ sticker on the back, that didn’t stopt it from being leaked.

The pictures i mentioned above show off the Devices large screen as well as what seems to be the first case for the S8.


In the second one we see the lock screen in an active state with a passcode being put in. So far all rumors have been consistent and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a fingerprint sensor on the back, no home buttin and the large and curved infinity display.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at the end of the month in New York.