MWC 2016 is getting closer and closer, and we’re getting more leaked picturs of the LG G6 and its always-on Display.



Another day, another leak. This time we’ll get another 2 images of the LG G6. The first one shows the backside that this time appears less glossy and more in a brushed-metal kinda style. So it’s safe to assume we won’tget a glas backpan, or at least another option. The rest of this image is nothing really new, we see the double camera on the back, above the fingerprint sensor. What is new is seen on the next picture.


This time we see that beauty of a phone from the front and we notice first that the corners of the display are indeed rounded and we get a real good look at the bezels. It’s notable that the top one seems to be thinner than the bottom bezel and the sides are very thin. also i don’t see a button on the right hand side, so it’s pretty clear that the back-sensor is also the power button, which I personally really like. The last notable thing is on the software side. We can see that there will be an always-on display, just like we had on the LG G5.

Well with every leak i’m getting more and more excited about the LG G&, how about you ?