The LG G6 is being unveiled in a few Weeks, but ahead of the Launch we might see a Prototype here.


In the Images below we might see what is the Prototype of the LG G6. These pictures are far from a finished product but show us quite a bit of what the G6 might look loke. In the front view you can see that the screen to bezel ratio is absolutely minimal and that it appears to have rounded corners, the backside shot shows us the dual Cameras and a Dual LED flash as well as the backside lock-button and Fingerprint Sensor.


Like with the G5 LG decided to have the Speaker on the bottom, right next to the USB Type-C Port, as we don’t see a 3.5mm Headphone jack at the bottom it is quite possible that LG put it on the Top of the Device.


I am personally really looking forward to this Device, since I have been using LG for quite a while now and I’m really impressed with their work.


Source ( and Images)