So I’m really excited about this one, today we’re gonna take a closer look the Lumia Camera App(at the point of filming it was called Nokia Camera in my Phone, update happend 5 min later), in the Nokia Lumia 735 and see what we can do with it.

Thumb_CameraSo let’s continue our video series on the Nokia Lumia 735 with a closer look at its camera features. In the device we find 2 camera apps, one is the stock windows phone camera and the other is Nokia’s own Lumia Camera app, which is a lot more advanced and that’s why we’re looking into this one. As you can see at first glance it looks just like a regular camera app with a button for video, burst and regular photos, but the magic happens in the top center, where you can adjust every setting of the camera to your preferences, or just leave it at auto. The options also include an enhanced shutter time, which allows you to draw with a light source and make incredible pictures that way. I personally like to leave everything at auto, since I’m not a professional, but with the Nokia Lumia 735, it’s up to you if you want to mess around with the white balance or brightness, just go ahead and do it.

As soon as I return from my trip you will find a whole gallery with a lot of sample pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 735 in all different modes, until then enjoy the following Video of the Lumia Camera App.