In the first edition of App of the Week , I will show you an App called Mix Radio. It was developed by Nokia and is now an essential part of Windows Phone, but a Beta is already live for Android and iOS.

Thumb_MixRadioToday is a first here on our humble little Blog. I present you my first choice as App of the Week: Mix Radio. The app was originally called Nokia Mix Radio and was developed by them as well, now it is still part of the Nokia and Lumia world but the developers and other personnel are a little more independent. I had the chance to speak to some of them at the IFA in Berlin in 2014.

Mix Radio is a music streaming service that allows you to put together your own mixes with artists that you like. You choose three artists and the App does the rest and also checks for similar artists to make your mix longer and more enjoyable. You could also just select one that already exists, they’re split up into genres and times and provide a good way to find new music to enjoy. The variety of genres and artists is almost endless, I have not yet searched for anything that I couldn’t find. If those are no reasons for you to say „well yeah he’s right, this could be real competition to others“, listen to this. Mix Radio is completely free and without any ads, that also includes the option to save up to 4 mixes on your device and use it in offline mode. And below you can see our first App of the Week in action, Nokia’s Mix Radio.