On our little journey through the mysterious world of Windows Phone 8, we’re now encountering a nice new friend. Say Hello to Cortana.


At first I need to say that Cortana is still under development and, as you can see in the corner of the screen, is a Beta-version at this point, so don’t expect it to work instantly like Siri. So with that said, let’s move on to the real topic here. What/Who is cortana and what are here capabilities?The name Cortana originates in Microsoft’s Video Game series „Halo“, where cortana is the artificial intelligence that guides the main protagonist through the game, although our Cortana here does not posses her set of skills, she is still really helpful and fun to be around. The main features that the Voice assistant offers are web searches, check ins, location questions, jokes, reminders and so on. It offers the base features that all voice assistant apps provide so far, but with a nice and friendly voice, unlike Samsung’s S Voice. I’m really excited what will happen in the future and if we’re soon able to have conversations with Cortana the way we can interact with Siri, but that might have to wait until Windows 10 or later, but nevertheless I’m stoked on what will happen. And now without further words, here is my short video introduction of the lovely girl: