Let’s just take a break from Android, and look at this orange beauty, the Nokia Lumia 735.


Today we’re going to check out what we find when receiving the Nokia Lumia 735, or what we should receive for that matter, but more on that in the Video below. The Lumia 735 is one of the last Devices with the Nokia branding and was first revealed back at IFA in 2014. The device got nicknamed „Selfie“ since that’s what it was made for. In the front it features a 5MP wide-angle lens with Full HD video resolution, which makes a great companion for skype too. The 4.7-inch screen is a little small for my taste and could’ve been bigger given the dimensions of the device, but well it is a mid-range Device after all.


Another notable feature of the Nokia Lumia 735 is the removable back cover and also the removable battery, which reveals a NanoSIM card Slot and a MicroSD card slot. A full detailed review will be up in a few days, until then we’re going in on some of the noteable soft- and hardware aspects of the device. And now enough of the words, here is the promised video.