Exactly one year ago, on April 23rd 2014, OnePlus announced the OnePlus One.


Always impressive how fast time goes by and that it is already one whole year since the we could first gaze upon the OnePlus One, announced as the „Flagship Killer“. And with that in mind, the small company that gave us this device is now celebrating the first birthday of their baby, and we get the presents. First things first, the company give us quite a few presents and one of them is a nice recap on how everything began and other things related to the successful story of the OnePlus One, the next presents we get are discounts. The OnePlus one will be 1$ (or the equivalent in your currency) cheaper. Yeah it’s not much but look more at the gesture and not the Amount. For the People that want to save more and already own one, OnePlus is giving 50% discounts on all the OnePlus One accessories and apparel. So head over to their site and celebrate with them.

And for me there’s nothing left to say but, Happy Birthday OnePlus One!