Well last week we happily reported about a possible comeback from Nokia, but now the official Statement is putting us down.


Last week we reported that a Source, someone close to Nokia, said that the company would plan to go back to producing and selling Smartphones in 2016, a few days later a chinese newspaper reported that MIke Wang, Nokia China’s President, was talking about a production facility in the City of Sichuan. So everything looked pretty good, and we thought that the finnish Phoenix will rise again.

But as of today Nokia has released an official statement on their homepage, saying that this is all wrong and that they won’t be manufacturing or selling any consumer handsets in the near future. So with that said we certainly know that there won’t be any new phones with a Nokia branding in the near future. But there is a little light of hope, since the Statement does not say anything about designing devices for others to manufacture or distribute. This is the same thing that Nokia already did with the N1 Tablet.

Well anyways, Nokia is still bound by law not to distribute any Phones with a Nokia Branding until Q3 of 2016, but we will keep an eye on the whole situation and inform you guys, as soon as anything surfaces.