The new and anticipated HTC U Ultra will start pre-orders in march, but a TWRP beta port has just been made public.


Okay, first of all it needs to be explained what the hell TWRP actually is.TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is an app that offers hardcore Android smartphone users quite a few features, including a way to flash custom ROMs, install ZIP-file-based updates, create and restore backups of ROMS and much more. It has recently been made available in the App Store.



Well however, this version is not an official one, as i mentio0ned before it’s a beta Version made bye the respected XDA developer @Captain_Throwback. With that in mind you should know that there could be some missfunctionality in the recovery options, howere it allows you to get TWRP 3.0.3-1 on your HTC Ultra U the moment you get it in your hands and the dev promised to fix the issue with the reboot recovery as soon as they can get the kernel source.

Well if you’re planning to do it be sure to check out XDA first , since they got a lot of reading material and insturctions that help you not to mess up your device. And as always, back up your stuff first.