Well after we’ve seen the pictures a few Days ago, a new case rendering shows us a bit more of the LG G6.


The guys fron Android pure just got their hands on some brand new case renders of the LG G6. These new images show us the G6 from all angles and in all its beauty. A few thing I noticed are the rounded corners at the screen and the very this bezel. On the backside we see the camera is spaced pretty wide apart and the vertikal flash is placed in between.


The Device shows a few differences to it’s predecessor , for once the modular bottom is gone, which I think was not a bad idea since that system needs some real overthinking. That the headphone jack has been moved to the top of the phone is pretty convenient too in my opinion, since it provides a better usage. On the sides we see two seperated volume keys instead of one rocker and the lock button seems to be back on the back. The slider on the right hand side might be for SIM and SD Cards. I’m personally really looking forward to the LG G6 and it’s presentation.