A few weeks ahead of its launch we see another picture of the LG G6.


The picture above surfaced earlier today and shows the really glossy backside of the G6. After the early renders and the prototype we’ve seen a couple of days ago this is the first image of the new phone. The pictrue confirms a few rumors like the dual-camera setup we’ve already seen on the G5 and the V20 as well as the backside fingerprint sensor that LG has been using for quite a while now. I personally really like the positin and was a bit sad that the volume rockers have moved to the sides again, since i found that pretty convenient.

The really glossy style of this picture might usggest that the LG G6 might come with a really really polished plastic backside or a glass back. Of course there are still other options like ceramic or metal. Again we cann only assume and have to wait for official information at the release.