Earlier today, HMD responded to an E-Mail from Nokiapoweruser.com , saying that they would always try to use the latest OS for Nokia Smartphones.


Well that is quite something. Most Companies take ages to deliver the latest OS after it’s release. HMD now said that they will try to use the latest Android OS version to ensure the safest OS. Well that is note quite a promise but we will know more around MWC and later on. To quote HMD:

Thanks for the mail and love to see your readers’ interests on our Android smartphones. Our ambition is to always use the latest and safest Android OS. That also includes provide timely updates. We will have more to share in first half of 2017. Stay tuned.

So we can expect quite a bit from HMD and Nokia this year and as i mentioned in another post, it might mean that I’ll go back. We just need to wait for MWC 2017.