Have you ever seen an App and thought „I’d like that but I don’t want to pay“? Well fear no more with Google Opinion Rewards.


So the big question at hand is, What is Google Opinion Rewards anyways? Well that is rather simple actually. After you installed it and set your account up (with your regular Googlemail adress that you use for the playstore) The App will send you a survey from time to time which mostly consists of 3 to 4 questions about a specific topic (eg. travel, shopping and so on) and after you answered them you get rewarden with some store credit. The amount can range from 0,08€ until 0,25€.



As you can see on my screenshot below , it’s quite effective and you can also use the credits for in-app purchases too. My Opinion on this is, just get it. It’s free and a small survey doesn’t hurt once in a while and you get rewarded instantly.