According to the Korean Times, Samsung is planning to ditch Android and promote their own Eco-System Tizen.


This sounds like some big Step in my Opinion. According to an unnamed Samsung Manager, the company plans to get away from Google and their Android Eco System. The Samsung Employee stated that within the last years the development of the industry went from personal use to buisness use and the company fears that smaller companies like Huawei and Xiaomi might step up to surpass the big S on private sales.

According to the Korean Times, the manager said that “you need your own Eco-System to have a future” and that Samsung, even though they were pretty late, is developing a great cross-plattform OS. Even though we here in Europe don’t have any Tizen Handsets yet, the market in India seems to really like them. In his Interview the Manager stated that the company has sold over 64 million devices running Tizen in India and the next targeted market would be Russia. If other european Countries will get the Device just yet has been left unanswered.