The latest sony flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z4, was originally just intended for the japanese market, but new rumors state otherwise now.


Well the main reason for this rumor is the authority on leaks, @evleaks . He posted on twitter that the Apple iPad mini 4, the Sony Xperia Z4, LG GPad X 8.3 and the HTC Desire 526 are going to be available at Verizon wireless in the US. Since @evleaks was right most of the time when he was posting any leaks or tweeted about something, we might see the Xperia Z4 released in other markets as well. We still don’t know when and if the device will be released here and if the name remains the same, since there have been rumors that the Z4 could be called Z3+ in the european market. In my opinion that would be a wise move, since the optics are almost identical and the name Z4 would suggest a new flagship phone, but in the end the customer would be disappointed since it’s only a minor technical upgrade.

So far all of this are just speculations and we can’t untangle the knot that is the Sony Xperia Z4. Sony is making quite the mystery around the device and when and where it will be released. If more informations surface, we will let you know.

Source (via[german])