Android is all about personalization and today I’ll show you how to change a theme on the LG G3.


So as I stated before, Android is all about personalization, so why not change how everything looks without a new launcher or root? Well if you want to do that, on your LG G3, just follow the steps below. I will write them down for you and also add a Video at the end of this post. So let’s get started:

  1. open the menu / app drawer and look for LG SmartWorld
  2. open the app and register (or Log in if you’re registered already)
  3. navigate to the section named „Home Themes“
  4. browse the Themes and select the one you like
  5. hit the download button
  6. once the download is finished, open up the settings menu
  7. navigate to the display tab and select „home screen“
  8. select „Themes“
  9. choose the one you want and hit apply.

Well that was easy wasn’t it ? but to make your life even easier, here are all the steps in a nice short video.