It’s been two months since it was unveiled, now the LG G Watch Urbane will finally hit the Stores.


It’s been two month now since LG unveiled the upper-class brother of the G Watch R, the G Watch Urbane with the slick gold or silver bezel instead of the black chronograph-type bezel on the G Watch R and earlier today the korean company announced that the LG G Watch Urbane will be hitting Google’s online shelfs in South Korea this week and in twelve other markets within the rest of this months. Unfortunately this news comes without a price Tag, but it’s estimated to be higher than the G Watch R’s price Tag, which is around $300.

In terms of specs, both watches are identical, with the same 1.3 inch screen, 4GB storage and the Snapdragon 400 CPU, differences are only the cosmetics. And the fact that the G Watch Urbane will be the first smartwatch to ship with the brand new Android Wear 5.1, which was announced last monday. Android Wear 5.1 will bring a few new features to wearables, such as WiFi support, always-on apps as well as some interface changes.

Now would the G Watch Urbane be on your wrist ? Or would you, like me, prefer the a little more sportive design of the G Watch R? Just let me know in the comments below