Everyday another leak, this time the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus get their share.


So another alleged leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have emerged showing the difference in the devices size and giving us a glimpse at the new Home Butoon that has been rumored. The picturte was first shown at SamMobile, unfortunately without mentioni9ng a source or any information where it came from and how legit it was. But let’s talk about what we see here. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in 5.8 inch and the S8 Plus will come with 6.“ inch. Thise are quite the big numbers, but giving the really small bezel that we can see here, we can assume that it won’t be much larger than previous devices, we’ve seen that earlier with the pictures of the LG G6 & G5. The new Home button is , in my opinion, finally a softbutton and not a designated hardware key, which gives the device a bigger look.

We’ll have too wait long for this beauty, but on MWC 2017 we will finally know how long we have to wait.