A few Weeks ago Android Wear 2.0 was released, a small Indie Game developer now launched an on-screen game that looks pretty cool.


With a new OS Update, new games and apps won’t stay on hold very long and now the Indie Game Developer Matthew Burton released a plyable watchface called „ChronoSpin“. At first glance ChronoSpin looks like an ordinary watchface but if you press down in the middle you get a fun little game. The watch handles turn into a small bar with balls flying around and you try to avoid them.The gameplay is inspired by the arcadegame „PipSpin“ . With each passed Level it gets harder and everytime you lose you start from the beginning. It looks like a fun thing to play on the subway or waiting in line somewhere. And here is a little Video of the App in action, by the Developer himself.

If you own an Android Wear 2.0 Watch please let me know how you like it. You can get it here (it’s free without ads or in-game purchases). Oh and a little side-note: If you’re installing it, you should make sure to put it in the app section of your watch and not the watchface section.