In the past few weeks I got the chance to try out the LG G Watch R, and here are my thoughts.


At the bottom of this post I will share a video on the Watch with you but first let me type a few words. My last few weeks with this wearable device were pretty great. First things first, the design. The LG G Watch R features a nice round 1.3″ P-OLED Display with stunning colors and has a chronograph like ring around it, on the side you got a little nose to lock and unlock the display as well as powering up or down the Watch. On the back you find the heart-rate monitor as well as the connector for the charging plate. The wristband is made from genuine leather (excuse the mistake in the Video please ;)). The Device is very light and feels great while wearing it.

The technical aspects are that the Device is powered by a 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and has 4GB of internal storage, the 410 mAh battery stays with you for at least a day and is charged very quickly, even if you just use the USB Port of your Computer. The LG G Watch R runs the latest Android Wear OS allowing it to work with any Android powered Device as long as it has the Android Wear Application installed. The Software allows you to read and answer Texts and Mails directly from your Wrist with the integrated Microphone and the „Ok Google“ Feature. With this Feature you can also start a navigation or get your fitness Apps displayed.

In my Opinion the LG G Watch R is a great companion for people who want a Smartwatch that looks like an actual Watch and with a great Battery.