According to @evleaks the rumored Microsoft Cityman will skip the fingerprint-age and dive right into the age of iris scanning.


Well some of you might ask themselves now Why would I need that? Well the answer is rather simple. The main point of those features is the ease of use, reliability and of course the security. Fingerprints as well as iris patterns are unique to one person only, therefore your Microsoft Cityman cannot be unlocked by anyone else, but you.


The japanese company Fujitsu already has a working prototype of an Iris scanner inside a mobile phone as we can see in the image above. I wonder how long it takes to set up or how easy it is to bypass that security, if you can of course. The main question is how this all works and if it is possible to be bypassed by a picture or not. Well we will see in the future but first check out the Video below of the Fujitsu eye scanner in action.