HTC is facing the worst April in 6 years, could the M9 be the culprit ?


The new financial figures that have been provided by HTC are, unlike those from Q1, not so great, even though they take the launch of the One M9 into account. But the demand for said device was not as high as expected, giving HTC the worst financial figures in April that the company had in the last 6 years. In actual numbers it’s as follows. The consolidated revenue was up to NT$13.5 billion (around US$449 million) this April, this sounds much, but it’s actually a loss of 33% compared to the numbers posted in March and an even more smashing loss of 39% compared to last year. This is the lowest monthly revenue since April 2009, which was at NT$11.4 billion.

Usually April was one of the big months for HTC, since it’s always flagship time during April. So this low figures can be blamed on the HTC One M9, which apparently was not that much desired by the consumer following it’s launch in March.

We will see if that trend continues or if HTC will find their strength back in the next generation of HTC One, which hopefully will be a bigger surprise than the M9, which , in my eyes, was basically the M8 with very small improvements.