With the LG G4 coming in a week a new Rumor about it’s display surfaced earlier today.


We already know a bit about the display that will be used in the LG G4, like the size of 5.5 inch and the fact that it will be QHD, but today a new intel leaked that the device will feature a slightly curved screen. The display will be curved along the height with a radius of around 3000mm, this might sound a lot but actually it is not. For example the Flex 2 comes with a bending radius of around 700mm which results in a quite stronger bend. This rumor is made pretty believable since LG already has two mid-range phones on the market sporting a similar bending. The question that most people might ask themselves now is why would that be a good idea? The answer to that is rather simple. With a curved Display along the height the LG G4 will be better optimized to the natural curving of your Head, which results in more comfort while using the device to make Phone calls, as well as giving it a better grip in your hand. Aside from all the comfort aspects the curved Screen will also be good in terms of duration since the device won’t fall directly flat on the entire screen but just a limited space so it won’t break that easily.

But at this point it is not 100% confirmed that the Device will have that Display, we will know more about in a week when the Lg G4 is officially unveiled.