According to some insiders Nokia is staging a comeback to the Phone Market in late 2016!


In the last time Nokia is definitely not what it’s used to be anymore. After the company was purchased by Microsoft the remaining Operations are divided in 3 parts. We got the Networking part, which is pretty successful and just bough alcatel, the Maps division, which brought us the great Here Maps service, and last but not least we got the Device division, which has been pretty low lately. The last Device that Nokia showed us was the N1 Tablet running Android.

Well it is not surprising though that Nokia has only released that Device so far, since they are bound by contract not to release a Phone with the Nokia branding before Q3 2016, but people on the inside say that Nokia is eagerly awaiting that date and will be pushing for a fast release of multiple Devices then, which most likely will be running Android. If one asks him- or herself what the new Nokia Devices might look like, just needs to check out the N1 Tablet that they already released. This Tablet is real pure Nokia without any other Companies interfering with the Design, but it is manufactured together with a chinese Company, since this is a lot cheaper and easier than setting up a complete new assembly line. With all that in mind I’m really eager to see what is being developed and designed within the finnish Company’s Headquarters and if there are any leads or rumors, you will read them here.